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Duties of a Court Appointed Receiver

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Mr. Frank originally started the California Receivership Services Company in the early 1990s. With an 21-year history in Receivership services, the Company specializes in chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganizations of corporations, businesses, and real property focusing on court orders, enforcement of judgments and interim corporate/business management services. Currently we now have over 160 affiliate offices Nationwide, utilizing a receivership is a better option for the bank/lender rather than a single office Attorney appointed to the case that, in addition to their receivership fee, hires third party management, accounting, and field reporting with an additional fee structure. Many receivers are attorneys, but a background in real estate is important with many judges considering appointing the services of a Receiver, especially when Receiverships handle taking over the entire asset and managing the property. With our Company’s full service Receivership and Asset Management, the property transition reports and all accountability for the asset is ready for the bank/lender within 24-hours of the court receiver’s appointment.

As a court appointed receiver for real property, Mr. Frank handles problem management issues, such as leasing and tenant workouts, as well as supervising repairs and maintenance to protect the value of the property.

Court Receivership Services

Mr. Frank spearheads his court receivership services company with a rare combination of proven foresight and intuitive judgment, resulting in maximizing the quality and the success of every business venture. As a “hands-on strategist” as well as a troubleshooter and workout specialist, Mr. Frank has implemented many programs, services and procedures to assist lenders in protecting the security of their loans, namely increasing market value and generating a higher revenue. Problem management issues, such as debt and creditor workouts, are one of the proprietary tasks of Mr. Frank’s distressed property receivership services unit.

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